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Lesbians who want to get pregnant and have children need sperm. They may not like it, but that is a fact of nature. There is no denying that our world is rapidly changing in many ways. Technology is rendering many of our old assumptions irrelevant. But until cloning catches on, ethically, morally and legislatively, the sperms and egg conundrum remains. Turkey basters aside, test tube babies, IVF and the whole twenty first century fertilisation palaver is still singing to nature’s tune, when it comes to humans procreating. The penis and testicles are evolution’s answer to the best way of proceeding with this matter.

Lesbians Need Sperm: What Society Thinks

Western societies are, it seems, in favour of legalising gay marriages; apart from those ‘stick in the mud’ folks who read holy books written three thousand years ago. Things have moved on folks, Christmas is owned by retail corporations, and materialism has spawned technology. The nuclear family in the age of Apple and Google can have two mums and a kid, or two dads and a kid. Marriage has proved so challenging in the modern era that heterosexuals are happy to share the load with their homosexual brethren.

There are some lesbians, doing brothel work, who screw men for a living, but like to come home to a little lady. What a mixed up, shook up world we live in. Going down on a fella is no more soul destroying than working for a bank and screwing thousands of people out of their homes and living. Tortured dykes are not het up about the price of earning a living, but access to the acrid sperm. Lesbians need sperm if they are going to have babies and lead a full life with all the maternal trimmings.

Love, sex and marriage, and not necessarily in that order, are societies determiners in regard to producing children. Culturally, we have a big narrative running about ‘love’, and this drives all sorts of side industries like laws, fashion, and entertainment. Sex is a major commercial industry for recreational purposes, but its biological function remains procreation. Marriage is really all about property ownership, but is presented as the culmination of romantic love. Mars and Venus come together and make a bang, but after that the spark goes out of both. If Venus wants to live with Venus and make babies, they still need sperm, fortunately or unfortunately, it remains a fact of life.