Monthly Archives: September 2017

The 21st century work environment is more tolerant now than it has been at nearly any other time in the past. However, despite the growing tolerance in western nations to accept alternative lifestyles, it can still be difficult for individuals in the LGBTI community to find a workplace where they feel they truly belong and are at home. Multiple studies show that disproportionately, members of the LGBTI community tend to be better educated than non-LGBTI workers. This better education and better background provides them with a unique skill set which makes them perfect for work in the tech industry and particularly the social media industry.

Ditch the commute

One of the things that affects the LGBTI community more than most is stress. Living alternative lifestyles can make one feel isolated, even in communities that are welcome and accepting. This feeling can lead to disproportionate amounts of stress and so when one adds in the normal stress of working and the daily commute, it can become overbearing. However, a great way for lowering stress is to do online work with a social media marketing agency.

Working with social media agencies and doing work from home not only can allow for greater freedom and flexibility for work-life integration, but it can also remove a lot of unnecessary stress from life by simply working from home. The daily stresses of commuting and a potentially unfriendly work environment may cause stress to build up. But working from home in a digital marketing or SEO company allows one to be able to get work done peacefully and not have to deal with rush hour traffic. Not only this, but it also gives one the option of doing a small part for the environment by lowering the carbon footprint caused from driving.

A more welcoming workplace

Being able to work online with social media marketing agencies also provides greater flexibility and opportunity in the kind of work environment that one wants to do. Although there is a strong current of individuals on social media who have more traditional views, there is also a huge number of individuals working in social media for various online companies who not only have policies against discrimination, but also actively work to protect alternative lifestyles.

This means not only can you have the potential of commuting from home if you decide not to engage in the traditional workforce, but if you do decide to be a part of the greater team working together for social media, you will most likely find a welcoming environment full of people who support you and your life. It's a kind of openness that is found throughout the tech industry, particularly on social media platforms and in the social media workforce.

Social media not only offers a way to utilise an exceptional education, blossoming technological possibilities, and overcome simple stresses and challenges, but also to find a welcoming place to work. It is because of these opportunities and countless others that are afforded through social media employment and others that the tech industry has become something of a boomtown for those in the LGBTI community and beyond.