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What makes a man choose to become a sperm donor? Is it a healthy conservative streak, not wishing to waste precious resources, and, perhaps, a belief in recycling? Or, is it a massive ego wank, and the desire to populate the world with reproductions of one’s self? Whatever it is, until they come up with a viable alternative, sperm remains an integral part of producing children. Anything when viewed in isolation, becomes a different kettle of fish altogether. The time-honoured recipe has usually been: physical attraction, copulation, pregnancy, labour and baby. These days, that succession of events and agencies is not, always, possible or preferable for some.

Using A Sperm Donor: Is It a Gamble When Done Correctly?

Everything in life is a gamble, when you really look at it. Security is an illusion we all maintain for as long as possible; until something jumps up and bites us. Physical attraction, AKA sexual chemistry, is evolution’s means of reducing that risk to the species. What we are attracted to on a biological level is supposed to be the best fit for the job. Whether evolution is up to speed on domestic violence, the twenty first century economy and other mitigating factors for healthy and happy children is a moot point. If you really must take a chance, in the words of ABBA “Take a Chance on Me”. That is what sexual and romantic love has to say on the matter.

Is medical negligence a real possibility, when it comes to sperm donorship and artificial insemination? Yes, if the wrong donor sperm or egg is used in the insemination, it open the door to legal action on this basis. In a perfect world we all would be happy to raise children of whatever provenance, but in this materialistic consumer society we are not. We want the child to be a certain colour, race, and from our own stock or choice of stock.

A Cambridge University study by Dr Sophie Zadeh, surveyed mothers, teachers and children to investigate how sperm donor children fared in comparison with children who were parented by couples. The children were aged between four and nine years. Obviously, this is not a long enough study to gather effective data about the positive or negative influence of fathers upon their children. It is, however, a good start in the right direction, as there are far too many assumptions made in this space. The outcome of the study showed no ill effects of parenting, which began via sperm donorship.

You buy a can of Sperm and you expect everything that you have been told about it is correct, that everything on the label is as it should be. You get it home, you ingest it, and nine months later, no, years later, you find out that it was all a pack of lies. The contents of that can was not, as it was made out to be. The provenance of that Sperm was from an entirely different source. Now, if this was an article about baked beans or soft drink, most of us would say, ‘ahem’. and move on. But babies come from sperm fertilised eggs, and the ramifications are far more serious and long lasting.

Fake It Until You Make It: The Danger of Fake & Unregistered Donors

Private enterprise likes to make money, and doesn’t much like too many details getting in the way of that. Too many sperm banks have operated laxly, in a largely unregulated market. This has resulted in sperm donors providing bogus backgrounds, which have not been properly scrutinised by the banks. The idea that you look your best, when filling out those donor forms, is understandable, but falsifying information is and should be a criminal offence. Claiming to be a neuroscientist, who plays ‘the Rach 2’ with your left hand in your downtime, when you are a diagnosed schizophrenic with narcissistic personality disorder, is just plain wrong.

Avoid health care issues by checking things out yourself. Never assume anything, my dear old dad used to say to me. The Washington Post reported on a lawsuit against the Xytex Corporation, a global sperm bank. This mob are rubbing everyone up the wrong way and giving the industry a bad name. A prolific registered sperm donor with Xytex, made wildly false claims about his educational status and musical talents, and his sperm was inseminated in countless women. Yuk, is the first thing that comes to my mind.

The gentleman in question was, basically, a pleaser, who when asked for qualifications, provided fake graduation certificates. However, a number of women plaintiffs are each seeking $6 million from the Xytex Corporation. Don’t you just love America! By the way, the errant donor did eventually get his degree, some 15 years later, but has hung up the old python and does not donate sperm any longer. Fake it until you make it: The danger of fake and unregistered donors. Don't believe everything you hear about sperm!