Monthly Archives: April 2018

The opening up and legalisation of gay marriage in places like Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, recently, has prompted this paean to good living in the 21C. It seems, after centuries of discrimination and far worse behaviour the gay individual may look forward to a better life within certain communities around the globe. There are still horror stories emanating from places like Russia, South America, and various African nations, to name but a few, where homosexuals are pilloried and assaulted with appalling frequency. Sexual preference remains a sore bone of contention among fundamental religions around the globe.

If God is Good, He or She is Probably Gay

The words god and good have shared provenance. Surely if god is good, then, she or he is probably gay. Gay marriage is on the menu, now, for many same sex couples in the west. For far too long, restrictive homophobic religious organisations have acted and believed that they owned the institution of marriage. Well, today we can say you were misguided and you were wrong. You definitely weren’t Christian or Islamic in your behaviour toward other human beings. How you can call yourself a religious person and go about denying good things to different people has always struck me as inconsistent.

More Gay People in Higher Office

Comfortable living is all about acceptance and love within the community that you reside. Good living in the 21C is about shared values and an appreciation of diversity. Let us see more gay people in higher office, more disabled people in the media and on the streets, more ethnically diverse people in our communities, and more women filling leadership roles and being paid equally for all jobs they may do. Let us leave the elitist and exclusive behaviours of our misguided pasts behind us and embrace inclusiveness and truly loving thy neighbour for the first time.

Gay People Are Not Going to Bite You

It is all about opening up opportunities for those who have been neglected by church and state in the past. Plus, expanding the vision of our business leaders to be more inclusive toward those sectors of society it has ignored or been afraid of. Gay people are not going to bite you. Disabled people are not going to damage your business or your reputation, in fact they will enhance it. Paying women an equal wage will not send your business broke, it will establish parity in the marketplace for the very first time in history.