We've been on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic for the last year so had to cease our Gay Sperm Bank activities. It's also fortunate that Facebook has become a repository for connections between couples and singles seeking sperm.

LGBTQI Orthodontists meanwhile are in the news as supporting changes to legislation in a number of Western countries to include dental realignment in the surgical pantheon for transgender patients. The Safe Space Alliance provides information about LGBTQI orthodontists and dental clinics and many of these dentists are advocating for the recognition of cosmetic dentistry as a component of gender reassignment surgery.

Dentistry for transgender people is greatly informed by the website Trans Gender Map which has this perspective to share:

Retired plastic surgeon and dentist Douglas Ousterhout noted that while teeth are generally similar, men’s and women’s chins tend to differ in terms of pointiness.

Trans people have reported discrimination in dental offices. The American Dental Association has information for members on Avoiding Gender Identity Discrimination In Your Office.

If you feel you have been treated disrespectfully or discriminated against, let the owner or manager know of your concerns. If they do not address them, you can report your experiences on consumer review sites like Yelp, to the Better Business Bureau, and to various professional organizations. Depending on where you live, this may also be illegal.

Human teeth have substantial overlap in shape and position in relation to gender. In one study, the general public and even dental professionals had a worse-than-chance record for identifying the assigned sex of human teeth from photographs.

In many places, cultural norms identify stereotypically “masculine” and “feminine” teeth.

LGBTQI Orthodontists An Industry Body

In mapping the Transgender Smile and its cosmetic surgery ramifications there is much progress in articles appearing in media discussing this subject.

Where we have been unable to offer our services and update our website lately, Sperm Donation Facebook Groups have risen up and have proven very effective in bringing sperm donors and women wanting sperm including lesbian couples. We recommend you join them. The linked one above, based in Australia, has over 12,000 members.

In any human condition or manifestation, anxiety about orthodontics, jaw alignment and dental work is inevitable. Finding a dentist or orthodontist who has a lot of empathy and integrity who you can talk to at length about such matters is extremely important to anyone who is already undertaking the physical trauma of gender reassignment surgery.

It's fortunate we now live in a Western world (anyway) who is much more accepting of diversity and difference. Even in countries known for their slow uptake of climate change, lingering racism against its indigenous people and slower-than-others legalisation of gay marriage, one can now expect orthodontists in far-flung places to also support LGBTQI patients on their cosmetic dental journeys to an appearance more harmonious with their self-perception and identity. There's no identity politics in business - this is the optimum ideal anyway.

The concept of LGBTQI orthodontists may still be hard to assimilate for a lot of conservative people, but the world is changing and right now humankind has a much bigger fish to fry - Covid-19 does not discriminate and the Delta variant threatens even the healthy and young.

The 21st century work environment is more tolerant now than it has been at nearly any other time in the past. However, despite the growing tolerance in western nations to accept alternative lifestyles, it can still be difficult for individuals in the LGBTI community to find a workplace where they feel they truly belong and are at home. Multiple studies show that disproportionately, members of the LGBTI community tend to be better educated than non-LGBTI workers. This better education and better background provides them with a unique skill set which makes them perfect for work in the tech industry and particularly the social media industry.

Ditch the commute

One of the things that affects the LGBTI community more than most is stress. Living alternative lifestyles can make one feel isolated, even in communities that are welcome and accepting. This feeling can lead to disproportionate amounts of stress and so when one adds in the normal stress of working and the daily commute, it can become overbearing. However, a great way for lowering stress is to do online work with a social media marketing agency.

Working with social media agencies and doing work from home not only can allow for greater freedom and flexibility for work-life integration, but it can also remove a lot of unnecessary stress from life by simply working from home. The daily stresses of commuting and a potentially unfriendly work environment may cause stress to build up. But working from home in a digital marketing or SEO company allows one to be able to get work done peacefully and not have to deal with rush hour traffic. Not only this, but it also gives one the option of doing a small part for the environment by lowering the carbon footprint caused from driving.

A more welcoming workplace

Being able to work online with social media marketing agencies also provides greater flexibility and opportunity in the kind of work environment that one wants to do. Although there is a strong current of individuals on social media who have more traditional views, there is also a huge number of individuals working in social media for various online companies who not only have policies against discrimination, but also actively work to protect alternative lifestyles.

This means not only can you have the potential of commuting from home if you decide not to engage in the traditional workforce, but if you do decide to be a part of the greater team working together for social media, you will most likely find a welcoming environment full of people who support you and your life. It's a kind of openness that is found throughout the tech industry, particularly on social media platforms and in the social media workforce.

Social media not only offers a way to utilise an exceptional education, blossoming technological possibilities, and overcome simple stresses and challenges, but also to find a welcoming place to work. It is because of these opportunities and countless others that are afforded through social media employment and others that the tech industry has become something of a boomtown for those in the LGBTI community and beyond.

Thanks to Australia’s gay men, the number of sperm donors in the country is increasing, ABC reported. As per the statistical data from the Fertility Society of Australia, the country’s sperm donors are comprised mostly of men from the United States. Usually, lesbian couples are the number one market of sperms from gay donors. In fact, a gay man in the United Kingdom had fathered 10 babies of lesbian women he met on Facebook.

Donating sperm to strangers is like a gamble. In this case, there are no free bookie bets that will allow you to try the game before investing in it. For instance, a British gay man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple years ago. But when they got separated, the child was raised by one of them. Due to a law regarding sperm donation, the gay man was forced to give child support to the kid he fathered.

May it be because of the financial benefits or out of love, some gay men give away their sperm. However, gay men in the United States are now prohibited from donating their sperm. This is in lieu with the recent guidelines of the Food and Drug Agency that bars gay men from donating sperm. According to the said agency, gay men are at high risk of carrying the AIDS virus.

There are also uncertainties surrounding gay sperm donors. Will their biological child turn out gay? Will the children be okay that their biological father is gay?

Gay Genes and Homosexuality
Homosexuality is definitely a hot issue. Some people argue that environmental factors trigger homosexuality. There are also those who believe that our genes are at fault here. However, research shows that genetics influences our sexual orientation.

Soon-to-be parents need not to worry about their children hating them for choosing a gay sperm donor. In fact, a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that kids who have gay dads are as well-adjusted as kids of straight parents. Other data illustrate that 88 percent of the surveyed group observed that their children are not depressed about their situation. That being said, at least one-fifth of the children experienced slurs from other people because of their gay dads.

In the end, regardless of the gay sperm situation, how the children view the world and make out of their situation depends on their upbringing.

With young LGBTQI couples wanting to celebrate their new found legally married status in America by having children, the issue of funding comes up. Having kids costs money whether you are gay, straight or queer; and if we are going to change the world by producing beautiful tolerant human beings then we all need to chip in. Imagine, millions of loving children parented by loving LGBTQIs and all the colors of the rainbow being recognized by church and state. I am going to make a suggestion, which may seem ‘out there’ but, I think, is also a great idea.

Crowdfunding for LGBTQI parents who are in need of some financial support. We do not want to be bringing up LGBTQI kids in poverty, do we? We do not want any kids, whoever their parents are, being brought up in poverty. Well loved and nurtured children require materially sufficient households to grow up in. What about all those wealthy LGBTQIs, who do not wish to have their own children, getting involved through crowdfunding as some sort of ‘fairy god parents’. A relationship with a child can be an inspiring thing, helping him or her to achieve the things they want to achieve. Perhaps, as mentor or benevolent uncle or aunty; these people can share in the joy of bringing up children.

As in many indigenous communities, in the past and in the present, parenting was and is shared within the community. These kinds of things will make our LGBTQI communities stronger and more inclusive; with greater positive interaction between members based on shared responsibilities and love. Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) sees crowdfunding as a great financial structure to launch a ‘fairy god parent’ scheme into the broader LGBTQI community. Why should Crowdfunding always be about business funding? Why shouldn’t it embrace something even more important? Crowdfunding could replace the need for debt management; which confronts so many desperate parents.

Economically, advocacy of crowdfunding - with 45 million Americans below the poverty line, funding for impoverished LGBTQI couples is not so much a possibility as it should be an instant reality. Set up a crowdfunding website and establish your target budget, including a college education. Funding need not come in all at once, it could be an incremental things, as needed. You can post images online of family celebrations, sporting events and special achievements. The joy that this website could bring to the extended LGBTQI community through enriching relationships is mind boggling.