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Lesbians who want to get pregnant and have children need sperm. They may not like it, but that is a fact of nature. There is no denying that our world is rapidly changing in many ways. Technology is rendering many of our old assumptions irrelevant. But until cloning catches on, ethically, morally and legislatively, the sperms and egg conundrum remains. Turkey basters aside, test tube babies, IVF and the whole twenty first century fertilisation palaver is still singing to nature’s tune, when it comes to humans procreating. The penis and testicles are evolution’s answer to the best way of proceeding with this matter.

Lesbians Need Sperm: What Society Thinks

Western societies are, it seems, in favour of legalising gay marriages; apart from those ‘stick in the mud’ folks who read holy books written three thousand years ago. Things have moved on folks, Christmas is owned by retail corporations, and materialism has spawned technology. The nuclear family in the age of Apple and Google can have two mums and a kid, or two dads and a kid. Marriage has proved so challenging in the modern era that heterosexuals are happy to share the load with their homosexual brethren.

There are some lesbians, doing brothel work, who screw men for a living, but like to come home to a little lady. What a mixed up, shook up world we live in. Going down on a fella is no more soul destroying than working for a bank and screwing thousands of people out of their homes and living. Tortured dykes are not het up about the price of earning a living, but access to the acrid sperm. Lesbians need sperm if they are going to have babies and lead a full life with all the maternal trimmings.

Love, sex and marriage, and not necessarily in that order, are societies determiners in regard to producing children. Culturally, we have a big narrative running about ‘love’, and this drives all sorts of side industries like laws, fashion, and entertainment. Sex is a major commercial industry for recreational purposes, but its biological function remains procreation. Marriage is really all about property ownership, but is presented as the culmination of romantic love. Mars and Venus come together and make a bang, but after that the spark goes out of both. If Venus wants to live with Venus and make babies, they still need sperm, fortunately or unfortunately, it remains a fact of life.


Thanks to Australia’s gay men, the number of sperm donors in the country is increasing, ABC reported. As per the statistical data from the Fertility Society of Australia, the country’s sperm donors are comprised mostly of men from the United States. Usually, lesbian couples are the number one market of sperms from gay donors. In fact, a gay man in the United Kingdom had fathered 10 babies of lesbian women he met on Facebook.

Donating sperm to strangers is like a gamble. In this case, there are no free bookie bets that will allow you to try the game before investing in it. For instance, a British gay man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple years ago. But when they got separated, the child was raised by one of them. Due to a law regarding sperm donation, the gay man was forced to give child support to the kid he fathered.

May it be because of the financial benefits or out of love, some gay men give away their sperm. However, gay men in the United States are now prohibited from donating their sperm. This is in lieu with the recent guidelines of the Food and Drug Agency that bars gay men from donating sperm. According to the said agency, gay men are at high risk of carrying the AIDS virus.

There are also uncertainties surrounding gay sperm donors. Will their biological child turn out gay? Will the children be okay that their biological father is gay?

Gay Genes and Homosexuality
Homosexuality is definitely a hot issue. Some people argue that environmental factors trigger homosexuality. There are also those who believe that our genes are at fault here. However, research shows that genetics influences our sexual orientation.

Soon-to-be parents need not to worry about their children hating them for choosing a gay sperm donor. In fact, a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that kids who have gay dads are as well-adjusted as kids of straight parents. Other data illustrate that 88 percent of the surveyed group observed that their children are not depressed about their situation. That being said, at least one-fifth of the children experienced slurs from other people because of their gay dads.

In the end, regardless of the gay sperm situation, how the children view the world and make out of their situation depends on their upbringing.

The most important natural therapy that can boost fertility is diet; we are what we eat after all. In the modern western world the majority of us eat a lot of animal protein: chicken, beef, pork etc. In the traditional indigenous world people eat a lot more vegetable protein: cooked dried beans and nuts. Having babies is a natural process and links us to all the other mammals on the planet. It is an interesting fact that when five percent of total calories consumed are sourced from vegetable protein, rather than animal protein, the risk of ovulatory infertility plummets by more than fifty percent. This must say something about the diets designed for our bodies, and especially women’s bodies. Natural therapies to boost fertility focus on diet firstly.

In addition to this, the whole low-fat obsession of the late twentieth and twenty first century western world does not agree with getting pregnant. A child bearing woman’s body wants high fat dairy, so that it can store away food for the coming baby. There is no need to overdo the amount of regular-fat dairy you consume but give the low-fat dairy a miss for awhile if you are hoping to fall pregnant. Also, make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, either in your diet or through appropriate supplements. Folic acid, iron and multivitamins can all contribute to avoiding ovular infertility.

Fertility boosting foods like whole grains will provide B vitamins, vitamin E and fiber; plenty of fruit and vegetables will give you vitamin C and antioxidants in your diet; more pulses and less lean meats will adjust your protein sources to get that right vegetable versus animal balance and provide iron and zinc to your body; more regular-fat dairy will offer the protein and calcium your body needs; omega 3/DHA from oily fish, nuts and seeds (but no large fish that may have a high mercury content) are all good for mother and baby.

There is even a specialised fertility yoga, which professes to offer women poses that have been developed to enhance reproductive health. Your osteopath may, also, be able to help you improve your fertility status. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been shown to help with improving natural fertility; especially how to boost your sperm count. Careful diagnosis by a professional TCM practitioner and the judicious use of Chinese herbs can offer some people help in this matter. It is advisable, however, in relation to medicinal herbs generally to be careful of them. Certain botanicals have properties unsuitable for pregnant women and women seeking to become pregnant; seek expert advice before taking any medicinal herbs.


With young LGBTQI couples wanting to celebrate their new found legally married status in America by having children, the issue of funding comes up. Having kids costs money whether you are gay, straight or queer; and if we are going to change the world by producing beautiful tolerant human beings then we all need to chip in. Imagine, millions of loving children parented by loving LGBTQIs and all the colors of the rainbow being recognized by church and state. I am going to make a suggestion, which may seem ‘out there’ but, I think, is also a great idea.

Crowdfunding for LGBTQI parents who are in need of some financial support. We do not want to be bringing up LGBTQI kids in poverty, do we? We do not want any kids, whoever their parents are, being brought up in poverty. Well loved and nurtured children require materially sufficient households to grow up in. What about all those wealthy LGBTQIs, who do not wish to have their own children, getting involved through crowdfunding as some sort of ‘fairy god parents’. A relationship with a child can be an inspiring thing, helping him or her to achieve the things they want to achieve. Perhaps, as mentor or benevolent uncle or aunty; these people can share in the joy of bringing up children.

As in many indigenous communities, in the past and in the present, parenting was and is shared within the community. These kinds of things will make our LGBTQI communities stronger and more inclusive; with greater positive interaction between members based on shared responsibilities and love. Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) sees crowdfunding as a great financial structure to launch a ‘fairy god parent’ scheme into the broader LGBTQI community. Why should Crowdfunding always be about business funding? Why shouldn’t it embrace something even more important? Crowdfunding could replace the need for debt management; which confronts so many desperate parents.

Economically, advocacy of crowdfunding - with 45 million Americans below the poverty line, funding for impoverished LGBTQI couples is not so much a possibility as it should be an instant reality. Set up a crowdfunding website and establish your target budget, including a college education. Funding need not come in all at once, it could be an incremental things, as needed. You can post images online of family celebrations, sporting events and special achievements. The joy that this website could bring to the extended LGBTQI community through enriching relationships is mind boggling.

As of June 26, 2015 all American states are compelled to recognise and license same sex marriages based on the decision of the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges. There are still a few states, as of January 2016, defying these federal same sex marriage laws. The opportunity to get legally married must be seen as a major step toward LGBTQI family rights. Prior to this sodomy laws have been struck down, also in the US Supreme Court, and repeals of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act have also occurred.

In 2010 President Barack Obama made changes to hospital visitation and moral decision-making rights to allow gay and lesbian partners recognition in this fundamental and highly sensitive area. This followed a number of distressing cases where partners and children were denied access to their partners by hospitals, even in terminal situations. LGBTQI family rights: an update on USA legislation shows it to be a work in progress; but progress is being made.

Importantly, access to IVF and sperm donors has been a LGBTQI right for some time now; which goes to the heart of family rights. Now, as the right to marry and have their marriages officially recognized by federal law, LGBTQIs can enjoy the rights of all Americans and have families. There is always a time lag between new legislation and acceptance from the public at large; but these courageous people are no stranger to insensitive behaviours by the ‘so-called’ moral majority. The big difference now is that LGBTQIs have the law on their side.

With the federal election year now in full swing, LGBTQIs will be watching the Democrat versus Republican political battle with interest. Obviously, a Republican victory would set the reform agenda back but they will not have immediate control over the Supreme Court; the freedom of the judiciary is where the greatest LGBTQI family rights victories have occurred. A Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton victory in the presidential race would continue the rapid progress, now being made in LGBTQI human rights.

Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) urges all LGBTQIs to get involved in the political contest and continue the great work that has been done in this area by LGBTQI activists and lobbyists to this date. GSB wants to see stronger LGBTQI communities and more LGBTQI parents having babies and children. Family rights are the rights of all American citizens. The fight is not yet over.