LGBTQI Orthodontists Support Dental Realignment For Trans Patients

We've been on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic for the last year so had to cease our Gay Sperm Bank activities. It's also fortunate that Facebook has become a repository for connections between couples and singles seeking sperm.

LGBTQI Orthodontists meanwhile are in the news as supporting changes to legislation in a number of Western countries to include dental realignment in the surgical pantheon for transgender patients. The Safe Space Alliance provides information about LGBTQI orthodontists and dental clinics and many of these dentists are advocating for the recognition of cosmetic dentistry as a component of gender reassignment surgery.

Dentistry for transgender people is greatly informed by the website Trans Gender Map which has this perspective to share:

Retired plastic surgeon and dentist Douglas Ousterhout noted that while teeth are generally similar, men’s and women’s chins tend to differ in terms of pointiness.

Trans people have reported discrimination in dental offices. The American Dental Association has information for members on Avoiding Gender Identity Discrimination In Your Office.

If you feel you have been treated disrespectfully or discriminated against, let the owner or manager know of your concerns. If they do not address them, you can report your experiences on consumer review sites like Yelp, to the Better Business Bureau, and to various professional organizations. Depending on where you live, this may also be illegal.

Human teeth have substantial overlap in shape and position in relation to gender. In one study, the general public and even dental professionals had a worse-than-chance record for identifying the assigned sex of human teeth from photographs.

In many places, cultural norms identify stereotypically “masculine” and “feminine” teeth.

LGBTQI Orthodontists An Industry Body

In mapping the Transgender Smile and its cosmetic surgery ramifications there is much progress in articles appearing in media discussing this subject.

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In any human condition or manifestation, anxiety about orthodontics, jaw alignment and dental work is inevitable. Finding a dentist or orthodontist who has a lot of empathy and integrity who you can talk to at length about such matters is extremely important to anyone who is already undertaking the physical trauma of gender reassignment surgery.

It's fortunate we now live in a Western world (anyway) who is much more accepting of diversity and difference. Even in countries known for their slow uptake of climate change, lingering racism against its indigenous people and slower-than-others legalisation of gay marriage, one can now expect orthodontists in far-flung places to also support LGBTQI patients on their cosmetic dental journeys to an appearance more harmonious with their self-perception and identity. There's no identity politics in business - this is the optimum ideal anyway.

The concept of LGBTQI orthodontists may still be hard to assimilate for a lot of conservative people, but the world is changing and right now humankind has a much bigger fish to fry - Covid-19 does not discriminate and the Delta variant threatens even the healthy and young.