Putting People First and Institutions Second

Looking over the recent national plebiscites on marriage equality for gay people, which have been held in various countries around the world, it made me very aware of one thing in particular. That is that putting people first and institutions second is a hallmark of what it means to be gay in the 21C.  Seeing and honouring the person rather than their sexual persuasion is an important advancement in the recognition of human rights within our societies. Gay people have, stereotypically, been acknowledged as great celebrators and party people, may the celebrations long continue for those granted marriage quality within their states.

Religious Folk Cannot See the Trees for the Forrest

It is unfortunate that many Christians put their institutions before the happiness of individual people. It is hard to understand how these churches and their brethren put their faith in customs from the Bronze Age. Denying that humanity has not evolved over four thousand years is condemning us all to perpetual cycles of hatreds and wars. Gay people have endured centuries of brutal repression and violence committed by hard-line religious regimes and their populations. Finally, the tide is turning and putting people first and institutions second is the order of the day in enlightened nations like Australia, New Zealand, and, even, Ireland.

Celebrating Life, a Gay Tradition

Celebrating life is a gay tradition and, now, celebrating a recognised union between two people who love each other is on the menu. May gay folk everywhere find sensational catering to victual their celebrations and parties. Check this site out for some fine gourmet catering in Sydney. The taste of sweet life on the lips of those that love is, now, accorded official recognition. May the wine be chilled, the oysters fresh, and the music pumping loudly.

Gay Culture is Alive & Well

A smile on the face of a gay person is like the sun shining on the planets in our solar system. We light up the dull and dispel the beige. We bring colour to every moment and function. We dance where others walk. We prance where others shuffle. Gay culture is alive and well, despite some of the reports of doom and gloom about. In the words of Hilary Clinton, “gay rights are human rights.” The 21C is the century of human rights and the recognition and respect for diversity. Viva the rainbow nation and those who share its orientation and beauty.