Natural Therapies To Boost Fertility

The most important natural therapy that can boost fertility is diet; we are what we eat after all. In the modern western world the majority of us eat a lot of animal protein: chicken, beef, pork etc. In the traditional indigenous world people eat a lot more vegetable protein: cooked dried beans and nuts. Having babies is a natural process and links us to all the other mammals on the planet. It is an interesting fact that when five percent of total calories consumed are sourced from vegetable protein, rather than animal protein, the risk of ovulatory infertility plummets by more than fifty percent. This must say something about the diets designed for our bodies, and especially women’s bodies. Natural therapies to boost fertility focus on diet firstly.

In addition to this, the whole low-fat obsession of the late twentieth and twenty first century western world does not agree with getting pregnant. A child bearing woman’s body wants high fat dairy, so that it can store away food for the coming baby. There is no need to overdo the amount of regular-fat dairy you consume but give the low-fat dairy a miss for awhile if you are hoping to fall pregnant. Also, make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, either in your diet or through appropriate supplements. Folic acid, iron and multivitamins can all contribute to avoiding ovular infertility.

Fertility boosting foods like whole grains will provide B vitamins, vitamin E and fiber; plenty of fruit and vegetables will give you vitamin C and antioxidants in your diet; more pulses and less lean meats will adjust your protein sources to get that right vegetable versus animal balance and provide iron and zinc to your body; more regular-fat dairy will offer the protein and calcium your body needs; omega 3/DHA from oily fish, nuts and seeds (but no large fish that may have a high mercury content) are all good for mother and baby.

There is even a specialised fertility yoga, which professes to offer women poses that have been developed to enhance reproductive health. Your osteopath may, also, be able to help you improve your fertility status. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been shown to help with improving natural fertility; especially how to boost your sperm count. Careful diagnosis by a professional TCM practitioner and the judicious use of Chinese herbs can offer some people help in this matter. It is advisable, however, in relation to medicinal herbs generally to be careful of them. Certain botanicals have properties unsuitable for pregnant women and women seeking to become pregnant; seek expert advice before taking any medicinal herbs.